Imagine this day with me

You wake up with calm, serene, fresh and empowered. Your day is pre filled with love, health, and prosperity and happiness. You are quipped for everything that life has in store for you. Sure, there are some monkey wrenches thrown into your day, but you jump those hurdles with ease. When you lay down at night, do you sleep peacefully? That is the kind of life that I want for you. Can't stop imagining that ideal day?

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The science of transforming an ordinary life into an extraordinary one.



Find solutions to bring about real change in all areas of your life!


Channel your focus, energy, and inspiration to implement simple theories for effective changes to drive big results.


Moderate the effects of emotional triggers through conflict resolution and personal development to achieve peak performance.


Through Improveology, take your life from ordinary to extraordinary!

Valuable By Design 90 Day Blueprint

Valuable By Design 90 Day Blueprint

6 Month Take Back Your Life Program

6 Month Take Back Your Life Program Where you are: You tend to focus on what happened yesterday. You’re spending way too much time living in the past. You know you are meant to have an extraordinary life and you know you need help to start living in the present and plan for your future. You...
6 Month Take Back Your Life Program

F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself)

You continually enter into relationships that rip apart your soul. What starts out as a sweet dream, slowly morphs into a terrible nightmare. You feel stuck in your patterns and your future looks bleak. You aren’t living, you’re surviving. There HAS to be a better way and you’re ready to make drastic changes in your thinking. You want the life and love that you KNOW you deserve. It’s time to experience what love is really about. No more negative patterns. No more settling. No more shrinking. Welcome to the F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) in 4 Weeks personal bootcamp.
F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself)
P Kruse

When I met with Delia she wouldn’t let me speak negatively about myself. She gave me the tools to focus on what I want for my life and guided me toward a strong sense of self. She has helped me recognize my potential.  

A. Madriaga

Working with Delia has made a huge difference in my life. Her recommendations have helped me stay positive at all times, no matter what challenges arise. She also helped me establish routines that help keep me on track of my short and long term goals. Thank you!  

Bubba B

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Delia @ Improveology because the time “flew by” and caused me to look forward to the following weeks visit. With the quotes and inspirational emails and mantras, she reached out to me and surprised with positivity. She also saw and genuinely wants to illuminate the goodness she saw in me and help share it with the world. To be the even Better Me.

singer, songwriter, actor

“You are gently guided to getting to know yourself, understand yourself, and love yourself. You become the best you. Delia’s warm, gentle and inviting personality coaches you through the path and to the place where you want to be in life.”