Learn more about myself and Improveology.

I’m here to wreak havoc on your negative thinking

It’s time to finally experience joy and you can only do that when you release your iron grip on your destructive thoughts. I usher women and men into drastically, positive change in their lives.  However, you have to be ready for it. My goal is to uproot the thinking that is no longer serving you so that you can plant and reap love, joy, and prosperity. Are you ready to live the life you deserve? I’m here to help you create an unrecognizable life.


Welcome, I’m Delia Veronica Joseph founder of Improveology Lifestyle Coaching. Improveology through Relationship Coaching with self and others.

I’m also affectionately known as the Quiet Storm. Through coaching, I help destroy your current way of thinking that no longer serves you so that you can rebuild and manifest the things you truly desire. What started out as a playful nickname, quickly became something that I embraced. Water is the most powerful element in existence. Water is our life force. We are born of water from our mother’s womb. Our bodies are made up of seventy percent water. We need water to survive. It is a crucial resource.  Water is fluid. It can fill any space. It can nourish and it can destroy. As you know, destruction isn’t always a bad thing. Which is why I am the Quiet Storm. Storms prune trees, expose weakness and cleanses the earth. Storms cause people to have to rebuild. Many of us need our current thinking completely destroyed so that we can rebuild and manifest the lives that are mean for us. My storm rages quietly. Through coaching, I make it a peaceful but powerful experience. I provide no noise. I do it effortlessly and cut out all of the crap. I clear people’s head of the noise and negative thinking so that they can get to the essence of who they truly are.

This is what makes me unique as a Life Coach!!!